Fashion dialogue

Today, Kelvin and I filmed a show about fashion. The guest was a surprise and you’ll have to wait for us to upload it to see, but we basically had the idea to interview “every day” people about fashion.

For those of you who don’t know, Kelvin and I are really into fashion. We spend a lot of our time looking at new collections, editorials, models, designers, and everything else. We thought it would be interesting to get the opinions of people who aren’t as into the fashion world because let’s face it–fashion people seem to be in their own bubbles a lot of the time. A lot of the clothes that look “insane” look just fine or ordinary to us. A lot of looks that seem outrageous are just fabulous and genius to us. What does it look like to everyone else? We don’t know, and we’re curious.

I am super excited about this new project and to have more dialogue about fashion with those who don’t consider themselves really into clothes. Perhaps we’ll be able to see the influence the fashion world does–or does not–have in everyone’s lives.

V xx

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