Slappin this song reminds me of the time that I will have with Kevin Leung. We’re boutta be smashin through the streets of LA runnin thangs! yaknnaaimsayin?!

It’s Saturday where I’m at. Philippines.. is looking oh so wonderful. Anywho, I just got back from my trip to Bohol. and let me fill you in about it. Alright so we got on this boat, and it was big. First time I got on a ferry. Which surprises me because there are ferry boats in SF, yeah? My cousin had the hook ups with the sea men on deck, so I got to sit where all the cool kids sit. yay me !

When we got to Bohol I was hella juiced to go on a Zip line or go rappling, unfortunately we did not make it happen. However my family and I managed to see Bohol’s “chocolate hills” at Sagbayen Peak, it was nice. I also got to hold a Tarsiere (this really cute and small monkey with big eyes.) I met some distant relatives. I played on a really pretty beach called Panglao beach. It had white sand and blue water. I had some bomb mango shakes. I got to go inside a cave filled with bats flying over head, and there was a swimming pool inside.

My weirdest moment:

I was checking out this huge python, then out of no where a TV crew pushes everyone out the way. I wasn’t trippin, but while I was staring at how ridiculous these people were and how “V.I.P” and “cool” they were. A man dressed as lady gaga starts hanging off the ceiling pane, mocking the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s Alejandro song.
LOL wow.

and.. the end result..
I have to deal with all these scabs. I itch to much cause of these bugs biting me. zeam.

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