my thoughts on the situation at hand :/

When you came back everything felt so right,
But then you told me something that changed my mind.
My mind was puzzled and my face turned blue,
Death was beginning to pick off everyone I loved, even you.
Why can’t I cry?
Why is it so hard?
I start to reminisce on the time we spent,
Wondering where it went back then.
Im beginning to cherish you by every minute that goes by,
Thinking ‘bout how imma make use of our time.
I didn’t realize how much I needed you til now,
It was always you where loue was found.
You constantly told me I was beautiful, no matter how bitchy I seemed,
And I always had you in my dreams.
I’ll loue you for the rest of my days,
For you from now on, I’ll go out of my way.
If you need me, I’m ne call away,
And no matter what goes down, you will always be my bae!

♥♥True Heart of Love ♥♥

When I first met you
I felt something was different
I knew you felt it too
But I didn?t know how to handle it
It was something my heart, never knew
So I couldn?t accept it

As time went by
I went along with it, but at the same time
I felt like I could fly
It was such a mystery to me
But I didn?t care
I knew eventually that I would see

Now for the first time ever
You had opened my heart
Something no one else could do, and I mean never
It was such a wonderful start
To a path I never wanted to part
Wow, I thought, I want this forever

We were two wholes combined
The last link in a chained circle
To a complete happiness together
It seemed as though our souls had rhymed
It was simply the best
I couldn?t have imagined anything better

Although there were times when we would fight
It would always work out for the better
Because we were just so tight
Nothing could stop us, not distance or time
It was as though we were invincible
And I wanted your heart to always be mine

Our love was too true for each other
Even if we would split up
The love would always remain forever
I know they say what?s meant to be, will be
But in my heart, I know you are the only one for me
You are my soul mate, my friend, and my lover

I love you, and I always will.

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