ME as i am

ok so it dawned on me this mornin im not myself ever since she left me i went back to the old me the person who cares about nobody but herself. god its complicating to see me thru the lifes mirror.all i see is pain and hurt but as my heart mends i will work on wat is important to me….me,myself,and i. im seen as the meaniest person right now.its not easy to mend a broken heart as all kinds females are tryin to fix it for me i just me myself and i right not. im the most important person right now.i havent work on me in two yrs. so its time for me and it hurts. as much time as i put into lovin her and takin care of her. i finally realized all this mornin omq i need a va kay lol. so who am i ? were am i goin with my life ? do i have a reason for what im doin now? am i dedicated to workin on me ? wow this is so crazy i love this train of thought …..not!!!

im really intrested in wat my fellow bloggers think bout this

-Should i work on me and not worry about any female for awhile ……..or

-jump into a relationship to mend my hurt and pain

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