Maira Kalman at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Keep Calm, 2007

I recently visited the beautiful Contemporary Jewish Museum to see Maira Kalman’s exhibition, Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World). You may not recognize her name, but you’ve probably seen her work before, be it on one of her books or on the cover of The New Yorker.

Her work, when combined all together, tell such a vivid story of her daily life, experiences, and style. From her gouache works of people, dogs, U.S. presidents and 9/11 to the physical objects of chairs, shoes, and jackets, the exhibition communicates her experience of living in New York and the tiny details of life. Her work is humorous and light, even when dealing with more serious or difficult topics, and to me portrays the more likable side of life in the United States.

Crosstown Boogie Woogie, 1995

I particularly recommend this museum to youth because it’s free everyday for people 18 and under. (Most museums are only free on the first Tuesday of the month, and they’re always really crowded on those days! So take advantage of this one!) Otherwise, I believe it’s around $10 for admission. The museum’s architecture is breathtaking, and apart from Maira Kalman’s show, there are a few other shows on view that are worth seeing as well.

V xx

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