My chalkey Heart

I am going to Blog a funny story. And its gone be talking about a young lady that I work with, but let me say right now before I get in trouble, the stuff I am about to write down is not true at all. It’s just meant to be funny and I hope she dont mind.

I knew this girl named(?) danged she fine! And she knew I was a stoker, because the first day I meet her, I rolled up to her and said:  “Girl you was meant to be mine”. And everyday since then I would  put  letter on her desk saying; (?) I know you love me, so we should get married. She would just shake her head at me and alway decline.

But that still didn’t stop ower love. because I was her grape and she was my vine, so use being together will make the perfect wine.

See she confest her love to me in different ways. Like one day well slowly licking an envelope and pressing the stamps, she said; can you please look the other way your scaring me. But I knew she really was saying: I can’t live without you like this envelops can’t live without stamps.

And then the boss tried to tell me that (?) didn’t enjoy me putting letters on her desk every hour and that it really bothered her that I followed her home. But now for telling lies the boss is laying next to me in her closed he is severely heart, but for me I need a little water, but other than that I am totally fine.

Police officer: Get your F@&# hands up, get your F@&# hands up right now!

Other officer: What was you doing naked in this young lades closed with a dead body?!

Me: Tell (?), I love her. I know she just made a mistake.

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