It wasn’t till a few days ago that I realized that I am sooooooooooo f******* happy to be out in the world and out of high school. The fact that I can do whatever I want and take whatever path I choose instead of being in a compacted space full of ugly pre-pubescents with bad hair jobs and tacky clothes from Forever 21. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also recently got over a very silly, ridiculous crush which I am sooo thankful for. Like seriously, there ARE a lot of better people out in the world and frankly, he was a loser to begin with, F*** I’m so stupid. ahahahah

I have been very ecstatic recently, my wardrobe is coming together, my surgery is close, I’m almost eighteen, and the male models are just coming along by the truckload. !!!! I seriously have a thing for JIL SANDER boys!! They’re just soo clean and crisp, perfect, and sculptural!! The backstage video made me go gaga, like :O

I can’t believe I can be soo stupid and fall for ugly dumbasses when there are so many greater fine wines out there :D

I feel bad for those who are still in High School, to think that I still had some wishes to go back was just out of pure vanity. The only reason I wanted to go back was because I just wanted to show off my new face, to show how much better I look because I didn’t wan to be remembered as the one who wore the… everyday.  But whatever, screw them. They can continue they’re annoying drama, with their ugly significant others, with their disgusting sweatshop clothing that they call “chic.”

Why don’t you get off the fat wagon of fast fashion and actually work toward decent clothing that will make you look good for a change.

I really want this shirt, it’s on Ebay for $122 for now but a lot can happen in five days.

I really wish I got this when it first came out :(

I’ve always been a fan of cute clothing and accessories that are very 60’s and seventies, and I must say I really love these ray-ban eyeglasses,

They would look so cute with my new leather jacket and some Marc Jacobs boots that I have to wait till they go on sale  :( F***

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