Greetings yo! Claireezzy in the muhh fuggin billlin !
Anyways. I’m living life slow in the P.I (Philippines) mang.
It’s pretty chill. I’ve been living in the farm/island/wilderness/jungle typa environment. Atleast that’s the feel of the area I’m residing in.
And.. I’ve got to admit.. as a San Francisco native, it gets hard to adjust to this lifestyle. I’m too much of a city girl. Too used to the concrete, buildings everywhere, streetlights, diverse foods, diverse people.
Mos Def not used to people being this friendly, or atleast I’m not used to having people stare.. and a whole crowd be around me.
Definately not used to the weather being hot while its raining.
That’s when you know I’m in a foreign country.
Hot weather + rain? like.. really that happens?

Well, it’s nice being here. Despite my homesickness. While I was at home, it felt like my plans were eating my brains out. I was finished with highschool, but still struggling on how to manage my time.
(My college plans are not even solid.)
But, I feel like now that I have taken a break. Going on this trip gave me time to breathe, and loads of time for myself, including time to reflect on what needs to get done. What habits are best I break, and which ones I best get started on. Because of this break, I’m still at the same spot.. which is stuck. when it comes to college, but atleast I have a better idea. ( I still got more to think about, though.)

Being on this trip, stepping back from my habitat, and not being able to have control.
Is refreshing.

I got two more weeks of this vacay, and I’m inhaling it, living it and spending it wise, spending it doing everything that I want to do, that I can do in my power.

<3 Claire (=

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