I really love how chill this past week has been. I’ve been staying home for a while and just doing random stuff like buying stuff on Ebay, YESHH!! My gold Dr. Martens came the other day and they’re soo shinyyy :)

I just bought another leather jacket yesterday from a japanese deisgner whose label is called EKAM. He makes really cute leather jackets that are so architectural and futuristic it’s sooooo f****** awesome. I vowed that I won’t be buying anything for a really long time which i think I can actually pull through with because I don’t think  I can find another leather jacket that will top this one within my price range and I already have a lot of leather jackets. I don’t need anymore makeup, perfume, or shoes since I now have four pairs of Dr. Martens. :O I just love boots!!!!

I almost weeped with excitement today, I seriously found my husband on fuckyeahmodelhomme.tumblr.com. He’s a new model with an agenct called BANANAS which I think is the cutest name for an agency. He’s pretty new and OMG he’s 5’9 1/2 MY HEIGHT!!!!! And he’s sooooooo adorableeeeee, everything that I loveeeeeeeeeeeee.

Curtis Hellegouarch

It’s been such a weird month, not going out that much and all but I like it. I know that after all the commotion and agony I’ll have to endure, I’ll e ready to take over the world. :D

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