Youthline Live’s Racism episode coming up!

Make sure to watch our show this upcoming Tuesday, July 27th, at 6:00 pm, about racism. We air on channel 76, and if you do not receive that channel, view it online at BAVC. We have a really awesome guest from the South of Market Community Action Network, Mai Doan, joining us, sharing her incredible experience around addressing racism in the community. Call in with any questions or racism-related issues you want to discuss! We’d love to hear from you.

When Obama was elected as president, there were many people who remarked that the USA is now a “post-racial” country. Those of us who are people of color simply know this is not true, from the way we navigate the world on a day to day basis and the issues we face because of our ethnicities or races. Furthermore, the recent verdict of the Oscar Grant trial is proof of what role race plays in politics and justice. An attempt to deny the existence of racism is an attempt to render the experiences of people of color as irrelevant or non-existent. We must address the issues head on, be honest about them, and get others involved in the conversation as well.

Let’s try to pledge non-violence and empathy amongst different communities. We’ll see how a little solidarity goes a long way.

V xx

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