I have to say, I’m really lucky to have what I do. I earn all my money on my own and I only spend “my money”. I grateful to be a youth to have a job in a world where a lot of people of stuggling. But the thing that questions me, the media doesn’t seem to care. Magazines and television are promoting shows and entertainment as if everything is perfect as it was before. When I turn on the tv I see shows like “Real Housewives…” and “You’re Cut Off”. I just read an article on Yahoo that the cast of “Jersey Shore” are getting a 200% raise an episode for the 3rd season of Jersey Shore that will start filming soon. 

A  new city of “Real Housewives” will be in Washington D.C. Other shows Like “Real World” and “Work Of Art…” which is  just sending a message that everything seems happy go lucky. Is the recession decreasing or over? I mean I see myslef as being veryyyy materialistic. I’m not going out spending $1000 on a pir of shoes, but I love to buy a lot of stuff. I’m worried that I won’t be able to afford my lifestyle when I’m older and that I’ll end up like one of those junkies on “True Life” that put themselves $20,000 to $30,000 in debt. 

I may be very shallow and very materialistic but at least I’m not a spoiled person that has never worked in thier life and is spending thier parents money. I do like to have nice things but I don’t like to brag about it. I mean I’m not rich or anything, but a lot of things that I like are pretty pricey.

If things in reality aren’t as great as the media says it is, I wish they would stop. of course they won’t, we need people to buy more stuff and consumer more but so many people are somewhat suffering right now and I think doing things like that are kind of like giving them a slap in the face or making fun of them.

I love fashion, but the idea that garments that cost over $10 grand are still being cranked out are really ridiculous. That doesn’t help the ecomony, it only makes it worse. The only people who like to wear extravagent, over the top, crazy, wearable art are hollow youths in thier early 20s, including me, that can’t even afford that stuff. The only real consumers out there are middle aged fat guys and gals that probably will buy a boring suit or an ugly regular LV monogram bag.

I am really happy that I don’t have to, yet, go out in the real world and obsess over finding a job like millions of people are doing right now. It’s good to be  a youth, on my part, and my situation which I am really ecstatic about. I hope the next few years will be really positive and that everything will just fall into place.

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