Interior Design Inspiration

Your room reflects a lot on who you are as a person.. and should feel comfortable for you.
Of course, many of us are not in our ideal, or even likeable, living situations. Happiness must be found elsewhere or maybe in your dreams. Either way, you never know how soon it might be until you achieve your dream room.

For me, COLOR gives a world of difference. I appreciate those who can be so disciplined as to keep a room strictly white, black, and greyscale, and it looks so beautiful at times, but that just isn’t me!

I also believe that people should have their rooms filled with items that make them HAPPY. In this case, I mean anything from decor items to what is hung on the walls to the pattern of the pillowcase.


This is a photo of my room. It is not perfect, especially with the blinds that are difficult to control, but I’ve made it my own. It used to be my parents’ rest room/library and they really used it as a storage room. I don’t have a photo of it before I took it over, but it was so different.

Here are photos of some great interiors.

ART: walls deserve to be dressed up. Art makes your brain happy. Beyond aesthetic value, art exudes energy and the pieces you choose say a lot about your taste.

BOOKS: I could write a book on books. I am a bibliophile. For me, a room is absolutely nothing without at least ONE book or magazine. They reveal so much about the person who resides there. When I have people over, I often deliberately place certain books out that I think they may be interested in. They can make others feel more at home or entertained. However, one of the worst things to me is when books are treated like furniture. If the contents of a book aren’t valuable to you, perhaps it isn’t the book for you. Books belong in every room of the house. The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the lounge room.. you name it. One needs BOOKS.

PERSONAL STYLE: you feel at home in your home. Just as I said I would not be able to live in a strictly black/white room, there are some who feel best with that color scheme and that’s just fine. I would say that my room doesn’t match with the style of my clothes, but that just means I don’t want to wear my room on my back. Come to think of it though, I would love some leather jacket inspired furniture.

HAPPINESS is simply the feeling you should get when you see that your room is what you want it to be.

V xx

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