I’ve always been a fan of Horror Movies because they’re so entertaining in a sense where you get scared. It’s like you’re on an adventure and you never know whats going to happen, and feeling scared is the most interesting feeling someone can get. Horror movies make you think about everything in a whole new perspective and yes, everything is fake, but just the idea and the fantasy that these things could happen, are really frightening. I didn’t really watch that many movies lately but I decided to get back on track with my fandom of scary movies when I remembered seeing a preview for the 70s horror flick “Suspiria.” I watched it on Youtube and it was soo beautiful. The colors were very lavish and bright and it felt like you were in a dream.


Another movie I saw recently was the original version of “When A Stranger Calls” and yesss the originals are aw;ways the best. This was made in 1979 and there’s just something about old movies that make them scarier than today.

I like horror films that have great suspense. I don’t think gore and violence are that scary, it’s just disgusting and unattractive. I like horror films that scare you with tjust the biggest thrills and this movie sooooo does that.

I love Audrey Hepburn and her performance in “Wait Until Dark” made me love her even more. She just gives off this fragile , gorgeous creature that you want to protect and seeing her ina  thriller is soo scaryyy.

Old horror movies are definitely better than the today but they still are scary and I actually need to watch more

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