Genderizing Food

I guess this should be of no surprise to our culture where we’ve genderized everything from objects to clothes, and words and color. But now we find out why males are more susceptible to generizing food.

First of all lets be aware that Americans do genderize food, which is odd to me. Scientists have did studies where males and females are given a menu, some having only 5-10 minutes or 30-10 seconds or all day to choose which food they find suitable for them. Now the study showed that females most of the time chose “feminine” foods like yogurt, salads, white wine, etc. Men on the other hand had chosen “masculine” food almost ALL the time.

interesting thing though is that males are kinda like dogs…not to actually refer to them as dogs but males in our society are almost always rewarded for choosing the masculine or “punished” when they dont. So this probably means that even if a male is not actually that stereo macho type, in our society they would go for the “masculine” because of the praise and “rewards” of choosing it.

Now since food is meant to just be eaten for health, boredom, or energy uses, lets just use them for that only. it makes life so much easier than saying its a girls, or guys food. food is good. saying you cant eat it for whatever reason except death is not good….bad…

How Did Men Learn Not To Eat Sissy Girly Foods

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