Is this FOREAL?

Anti-Smoking Video claiming smoking is for fags

Somehow somewhere in America they are airing Anti smoking video towards middle schoolers. teaching them not to smoke AND homophobia. i have to give props to the idiots who thought about “trying to connect with kids these days” but they completely failed at the approach. so while teaching kids that smoking is bad they’ve also taught kids to hate. as if middle schoolers dont know how to hate already. what really upsets me is this want to be Today News called Today Now! its mind blowing to me that people are actually encouraging this! at first i thought it was a joke but apparently it isnt. some people just really deserve to get hit and have their bruises seal their mouth shut.

Okay so its been a day since i posted this and finally my co workers clarified that the above video IS a parody! thank goodness! i couldnt tell if it was a joke because they were so damn serious to me. and clouded by my anger i was like WTF. my apologies. this post will stay up for your enjoyment

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