I haven’s bought any clothes in sooo long and I’m srating to go insane. Like I find things and I want things but since I like to overthink things all the time, I usually get a lot less than what I actually want. Like jsut theother day, I was bidding on the Christopher kane cloud dress and it ended at $232 which was retailed for $1560. :O I liked it but I really didn’t want it that badly which is the paatern I have been going through for the past few weeks and I’mstarting to go crazy. LIKEE AHHH, CLOTHESSSSSSSS.

I also wanted to get this leather jacket because it was really cute and only $100, but the closer the auction ended, i was like, “EHHH I guess I don’t need it” like WTF????? GAG

I’ve been having wierd dreams lately too and I watched “Final Destination 3” for the first time on tv and it was hella scary because it was the most realistic out of any horror movie, that like shit can really happen and that is hella scary. Like without knowing, you could sie ant any second no matter what your doing and that scared the hell out of me, but I do enjoy horror movies, and that was the first one in a long time fore me.

But thankfully, I found some really cute dr. martens on ebay again and they’re hella cuteeee, idk I love boots, especially heeled ones, but dr. martens are probaly the only masculine shoes I’ll ever wear. :D

OMG I’m so in love with these two models currently, like sooo…. aristocratic :D

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