Everyone’s seen it. MAGAZINES, T.V, BILLBOARDS. Provocative, sensual, active. Ads are all about selling, selling , selling, so we just BUY BUY BUY!!!! The past few years have shown us flesh, skin, carnal desires, clothes? It’s definately selling something but maybe for not the right reason. It is another method of hypnotizing? That if you buuy this, it will happen? will you get laid if you buy these clothes? Funny concept. I think a  lot of it is art and a lot of it is kitty porn, you have to admit that.

It’s funny, this commerical was banned from playing in the US, yet there are cartoons and shows in Nickolodean and Car toon Network that are like “pre-adult swim.” The media is making people grow up at younger and younger ages. It seems the days of innocence and purity are dead, ahahaha “chivalry” and it’s all about personal desires.

Tom Ford must be the king of selling sex, since the ads look like the back of a snuff film. Today, it’s all about pushing buttons, making people think, confused, mezmerized, I mean you really can’t stop looking at them, like bad car accidents.

Hmmmmm, I don’t know if this is good inspiration, but hey I wouldn’t mind being in her shoes if it were those guys ;)

Dolce and Gabbana ads have always been sexual, if the brand was a person, they would be the slut in high school.

Photographers and designers really know whta people want, and they are definately doing a good job

AWWWWWW isn’t she gorgeoussssssssss, I’ll be so happy for her kids

You know, this trend of manipulating minds will never die, there is no escape from the aesthethic, the “survival of the fittest”, it’s here and it’s not going anywhere.

What will happen? Will anything happen? Will the world resist the temptation? Will selling sex ever be as old as reality tv?

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