An apology for strengthening body shame

I personally find it very important to be able to hold people accountable for their words and actions.
This applies to me as well.

I’m not perfect. I’m human. I learn new things every day, and I may change my view on various subjects very quickly. I’ll quit beating around the subject, and point out something I’ve written on this blog that I now find problematic.

I now realize that my post, I Am Body Beautiful, perpetuated body shame. In an attempt to point out the extreme weight standards the fashion industry sets, I used examples (photos) of real human beings and stated that their bodies were “not okay”. In truth, what was not okay was for me to pinpoint these women and cast shame over their bodies–no matter what shape or size their bodies are.

We may jump to conclusions about whether or not they are healthy.. but in the end of the day, we really do not know. We cannot deny that eating disorders are an issue in the fashion industry–models like Kim Noorda and Crystal Renn have been public about their experience with an eating disorder, and many more models, like Coco Rocha and Iris Strubegger, have spoken up about the extreme measures some models take to be a certain size. Yet, using real girls who may or may not be unhealthy as examples is not an okay way to explore this issue.

Picking women’s bodies apart and analyzing every different part of their bodies is part of a larger issue in our society where we measure women’s worth by their appearance and deny the value in any other part of their being. Failing to acknowledge that women have more going on for them than their physical appearance is objectification and oppresses them. And no matter how “freaky” (read: either really thin or really big) one may feel someone else’s body is, it’s still someone’s body, not an object that can be void of worth or should be seen as disgusting after being examined meticulously. Everyone has the right to love their bodies, and it is never okay to assume one body is inherently more important than another.

V xx

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