They need to stop

So this Pediatric Endocrinologist named maria new has been studying this hormone for a few years. She says that it can help female fetuses with Masucline Genitals. Also helps female fetuses grow up to NOT like “male professions”, not want to have kids, and attraction towards other women. The drug is called dexamethasone.

first off i want to say. i dont trust the drug and maria doesnt even know the long term affects of the drug. the drug contains a form of meth. dexa”meth”asone. that actually has no real issue to it but i like stating it. Second what she calls “male professions” is ridiculous and she should not be a doctor. Very long ago being a doctor was a “males profession”. Now she is either really self-hating, or she is REALLY ignorant. either way would you want to treat your child with this doctor who sounds like she doesnt know what she’s talking about but makes herself sound like she does?

there is just too much of an issue
Maria New

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