my feelings for her

So far away…
the beaches which you walk.

Yet so close…
always in my heart.

So far away…
I cannot touch your hand,
I cannot feel your breath,
I cannot hold you close.

Yet so close…
I can feel you in my heart,
I can see you in my mind,
I can hear you in my ears.

You can go so far away…
You can travel to the ends of the earth…

But as long as I have your love…
As long as I have you…
You will always be close.

As sure as the sun rises,
And the tides will change,
I will always love you,
An you will always be close to my heart

I love you more then you’ll ever know,

Even though it might not show,

Your in my mind every night,

I dream about you holding me tight,

My heart skips a beat whenever I see your face,

Your smile sends me to a heavenly place,

You fill every piece of my heart,

I feel empty whenever we are apart,

I need to feel your kiss,

Thats the thing about you that i most miss,

If you ever left me i would be lost,

Id be left to die my happiness would be the cost,

So what I’m saying is i love you so much and now you know,

So baby never let me go.

I love you so much
We are perfect together
I cant live a day without you
I want to be with you forever

I’m so glad i found you
You have changed my life
You have made me see things
In a totally different life

I love the way you try
To make everything all right
I love the way you whisper
Sweet thing in my ear at night

Almost everything you say and do
Makes me so happy and you know its true
That you are the one for me
And I’m so in love with you

No one can ever take your place
Your everything i need
Please baby do me a favor
Listen while you read

When you came into my life
I felt so complete
I understood everything
No one else can do this to me

You give me reason to be on earth
You’ve given me a reason to smile
If you left me one day
My life wouldn’t be worth the while

Whenever I’m upset
Or sad and don’t want to tell
You see right through me
And i can do the same as well

When i look into your eyes
I know we are meant to be
There’s nothing more perfect in life
Than you and me.

Your voice make me weak,
I dont wanna say good-bye,
you make me struggle on my knees, with that last kiss on the cheek..
Your love is true, its pure to my eyes,

I like how you make me feel..
your touch is too real,
I`m more happy then anyone could be
Hugging me tight, threw the night, arms of steel..
you bring out me, and I`m happy that is what you like to see..

I`ve fallen so hard,
I didnt see this coming,
my heart is beating so fast,
all those miles apart, I can makee it there running,

Your everything I ever wanted
I know this is meant to be,
your eyes are so beautiful and haunting,
this is just you and me

I lye here for hours
with you, and your ever so kind arms,
baby I promise I`ll be with you forever,
Through the sunny days and threw all those storms,

These feelings I cannot explain,
theres no word to describe,
There is no hurt no pain..
no lies.

You`ve set something in me free,
and Im happy to say
I`ll love you forever and for etnernity,
and it will always be the same.

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