It’s true, male models are really just accessories for the women. I mean the boys gets paid 3x less than the girls which makes sense since “they don’t have to wear shoes that make your feet cry.” I don’t believe that’s the only reason, but I think it’s fair enough. Besides, women’s clothes are more expensive and far more interesting. I mean if you compare boys shopping vs. girls shopping, no doubt the clothes are going to be more expensive because marketers and CEOs know that girls go shopping more than boys. DUH! I mean how many boys will buy $800 shoes? If they got them for free, they would proably scuff them and not even give  a shit.

But I love the contradiction of using super young, pale, waiflike boys to sell clothes to Older, fat, middle aged people. I mean, I love my male models, but what’s the point of using young boys who a great majority can’et even afford the clothes, and have them sell $3000 garments?

I mean, models are the sense of beauty, innocence, angelic faces, so pure, and fresh.

The fashion world is seriously just hypnotizing the youth culture to buy expensive things to make them feel better about themselves. Of course that’s not the only reason. Anyone who wants to look good can go for these clothes, but I feel that there is a bigger picture, using certain looks to sell clothes, to make other people feel bad about themselves that they should buy this or buy that.

Using certain faces that give hidden messages,” I may not look like that, but if I buy this, I’m one step closer to being more “beautiful”, being more like them.

I love the fashion world but it’s destructive to human feelings. It’s as beautiful as it is ugly. Well, a  three hundred billion dollar industry needs to make even more money. ;(

I mean it seriously is  just hypnotizing, just looking at these boys. So “perfect” they make me constantly think of the way i look.

Is this the real defintion of beauty? If people don’t look like this,are they considered ugly? I mean if you see something you like in a magazine and say that you have to have it because it looks so good on the model, are they gods? Is anything less ugly?

“Saying that someone looks different is just the nice way of saying they’re ugly”

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