I AMMM SHOCKED, FLABBERGASTED, JUST ABSOULTELY SURPRISED that I found a really cute asain male model. LIKE OMG, he is sooo cute, he’s rare like a 70 year old getting pregnant. Like ughhhhhh

Yeahhh… smoking is a bad habit, but IT’S SUCH A  CUTE ACCESSORY. :D

Sen Mitsuji

OMGGG I love smoking pictures, especially if it has a cute boy in it!!!

Here’s another one of my lovers :O Charlie France

I dieeeee, lover!!!!!! :)


I wonder what’s theier secret, how do they stay sooo goood looking all these years. ahahhhahah I mean looks will fade eventually. Such a tragedy I know.

That’s life’s ULTIMATE CRUELTY. “It gives us the taste of youth and vitality… and then, makes us witness our own decay.

JONAS KESSELER MOFOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I know this guy isn’t smoking but OMGGGGG HES SOO HOT, I need to put him here :D

Lyle Lodwick, yessssss and did you know that he has great style????? OMGGG His fashion Spot page is cute, and his outfits are soo quirky and just boyish but adorable ;)

MARCEL CASTENMILLER!! You know, I’m kind of sad becuse Marcel isn’t on the top of my list but I still love him , oh well, new boys, new boys :D

Noma Han

Mikus Lasmanis

Cole Mohr

Adrian Wlodarski

Arthur Devalbray

Callum Wilson

Alex Dunstan

Aj Abualrub


F******* ASH STYMEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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