I wonder where people go to sell their souls to the devil to get what they want because that is definately something that I want to do. THE truth is, the real world sucks and it’s just full of dissapoitments. I just want to live in a world where I’m happy and beautiful, and being comfortable with who I am.  Though I’m learning a lot about myself and I feel that I’m loving the fact that I can be more independant.

I wish… that I could at least match up with the standard in society, E.G. I seriously will sell my soul if I could look like this ;)

And if I could have this on my arm, oh yeahhhhhhhhhh :D

After that I have those to things, hmmmmm, I wish that I could visit this time period

Style in the 60s wass sooo ahmazing mannnn!!! :( New York in the 60s? WOWWWW haahaah but they probably were hella homophobic.

SIGHHHHHH, so after getting new skin care products, i have to wait till my next pay check to get my Caestelbajac dress JULY 15th and I will get my DRESSS!!!!, I think it’ll be the prefect dress for my 18th Birthday. :D Which I have no Idea wat I’m going to do for it. :O

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