money, jobs, college?

SO STRESSED! I hate the fact that this world is revolved around MONEY! HATE IT! I mean we are in debt as a country and we are also in debt as a state and worst my family is. I realized that my life is a living HELL. I’m saying this right now because whatever I plan for my future it goes sour.

So job, I’m losing it by the end of this month? ANNND about college. I think I’m going to the same college as daniel but there are other options that I rather take that I can have a stable income as fast as possible. OH BOY.

Oh housing, my main supporter for money is about to leave us. and I have NO idea where my family is going to be living. I’m insanely LOST, dont know what to do. I feel sad and stressed. I gotta take up my own responsibilities and I gotta do something. Hopefully, everything is just in my head?

oh and cousin shan, i want to borrow your bike.

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