SUMMER 2010 so far can eat me as far as I’m conerned. It’s stressful, painful, and full of annoying shit  I have to deal with. I’ve been sort of going insane everytime I leave my house now because I’m constantly surrounded by random strangers that I could really care less about. I think I’m starting to be more like “Daria” than I would ever imagined but really, it’s a pain in the ass for me to get up and leave the house to do even basic of things without hating someone.

I realized what makes me so mad, seeing stupid people on the street who don’t deserve certain things and/or physical attributes. I mean if you’re going to be a douche, at least be good looking, that’s just my terms personally.

The world needs to be filled with more people who look up to these standards. Call me shallow, and a bitch, but I really don’t care. I’m not patient to see dumbasses on muni, or creepy  old dudes hitting on me, girls who think they’re hot when in fact they look like they live in a port-a-potty.

When I’m in the comfort of my own home, I can relax, be myslef, not worry about rich bastards from embarcadero, dirty people from the haight, and annoying FOBS in the sunset. And you know, it’s really nice to not be around those type of people, it jsut gets under my skin,I feel disgusted and dissapointed, OH! Why couldn’t I live in like Paris or something. I mean there are douches everywhere but at least people dress better.

I’m not even excited at all to go to college. I mean USF? It’s beautiful with a wonderful program, but the people, they look so boring, so bland, so future pretentious assholes who make money by making other people feel miserable. I’m only going as a back-up, a sort of support for my make-up career. I mean I wish I could jsut fast forward to when I’m in Paris or New York, doing makeup on gorgeous male models. i know it’s not all glamorous and fairytale like, but it’s a hell of a lot better than being stuck in such a boring city full of boring people who I can’t relate to, even when they try, I’m like hmmmmm, no, you don’t know what I go through.

It’s a shame and pathetic that the people I don’t criticize are models, people portrayed on tv, and my favorite sitcoms and dramas: “WILL and GRACE”, “FRASIER”, “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”, “TOSH.O”, “FUTURAMA”.

it’s funny, I only like fantasy people, not real people, real people are evil, with agendas as so am I, agendas to get what they want, even if it means hurting others along the way. WOW, people suck. :)

I only trust about 2-3 people in my life, yeah it’s sad but it’s comforting.

But another thing that’s been really helpful to me is listening to The Smiths like :’) they are soo f******* amazing. If they were still on tour, I would be at every show, I neve felt that way about any band. The lyrics, the melancholy beats, the smooth yet husky voice of MORRISSEY!!!! oh, I die :D

hahaahahahahah you know, I’m starting to like being anti-social, it’s definately less stressful for me, and gives me peace and time to find out my next purchases and outfits for me to put together when I have to leave my house. :(

OMGGGGG speaking of buying stufff, I want this dresssss

I’d totally wear it with a leather jacket over it and black dr.martens, but just any black ones, i want the 50th anniversary 8-eye boots !!!!!!! $200 bucks though but they were made  with pebbled leather and in the original factory in England!!

OH and pride this year???? yeah I don’t think so, I’m fit to be surrounded by a lot of hot messes but I think it’s a great tradition and and I think it’s definately necessary :D here’s my part, I thought this pic was actually really amazinggg

Happy Pride 2010 :D

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