homemade toys toys toys

Lately I have been interested in making dolls; like bears, aliens, cats, mooses, and other miscellaneous things.

I have successfully made two toys.

This dark blue toy above is made for Angela, my older sister. She wanted an alien creature with purple feelers. What I didn’t know was that I thought feelers were the bottom thingy’s but it wasn’t. It is the top.

This bear took me a whole DAY. I started at 8AM and ended around 11PM. It was successful but this thing looks a little weird to me because yea….I did the stitching WAY WAY OFF. And to top it off, it was like weird. It doesnt have the TK sign on it’s chest and plus it looks naked and it looks like a boy rather than a girl.

Anyways, these are the finished products. I’m now working on two mooses for myself and daniel. T^T since he has school and is super busy i made his smaller than mines because I love to snuggle with something. ANYWAYS. yea. I have been into making my own unique dolls. IF you dont like it so be it. tee hees<3

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