PRIDE 2010

I wait the whole year for Pride weekend, but somehow I feel unprepared for it now!
I didn’t even buy my eyelash glue yet. Oh gosh.
What am I wearing!?!?

So, basically this is what’s up:
The Trans March is this Friday, June 25th, at Dolores Park. You can chill there from 3:30 and the march starts at 7. It should be really cool – Transmagic has an art piece on the closing float!
Saturday, in my opinion, is always the best day of Pride, but of course it’s whatever you make of it. First, there’s the Dyke March at Dolores Park. Same as the Trans March, you can chill there from 12:30 and the march towards the Castro starts at 7pm. Once everyone gets to the Castro, it’s even MORE PARTY TIME with Pink Saturday!! I always have soo much fun at this party, basically Castro St. is closed off from traffic and it’s just dancing, running into a whole bunch of people you know, and etc. Be sure to throw some glitter on!
Sunday is the Pride Parade. The theme this year is 40 and Fabulous!! Yes, the Backstreet Boys ARE performing on the mainstage. Be prepared for the crowd–I suspect it’ll be more insane than last year’s for BoA. And Alice Walker will be on the main stage too! I love Alice Walker! SO yeah, just show up at Civic Center, check out all the different tents, stages, DJs… and have a good time!

Also, check out some films at Frameline Film Festival! I’m really interested in seeing the closing film, HOWL, with James Franco as Allen freaking Ginsberg. You can find the schedule and list of all the different films on the site – there are definitely so many interesting ones on the list. I recommend FIT, because it focuses on queer youth and it’s also FREE for everyone 24 and under!

Of course there is a lot of other parties going on, but these are the bigger events. Just take a walk around the Castro to look at fliers, maybe ask your friends, to see what else is up.

Just a tip, stay away from the drama, because every year there IS some.. so if you see it, just walk away. And if you’re caught up in it, please remove yourself from the premises of the parties. Definitely stay safe and also, be open minded, especially if it’s your first time. Carry safer sex supplies with you- whatever it is you need, and bring water. They give it out for free sometimes, but not always, and it’s overpriced if you buy it at a stand.
HAVE FUN!! It’s PRIDE, everyone is there to party. Dress up, or wear nothing, go ALL out. I would bet money to say that you will want to take Monday off from any commitments you have… hell, I know a certain queer-serving organization that is closed the whole WEEK after Pride weekend. Just saying.

V xx

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