Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So I’ve been taking vocal lessons since the day of SoTA’s graduation, and I’ve had it for about 3 days over a period of 3 weeks and my teacher wishes for me to perform at his recital at his church. I thought it was weird since I literally just started about 3 hours ago. He wants me to try and sing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, which I love!! but c’mon! I’m so scared about butchering this song. But he said that what better place to first perform than at a church where people are very forgiving? I mean I guess. Maybe. So I’m doing my homework. I’m youtube-ing all the “Somewhere over the Rainbows” I can learn from. Also btw I can’t find any music scores for this song, so if anyone has it, I would like a copy please!!

Now this is the first male version of the song that wasn’t “originalized” kinda.. slowed down a little but it’s not like this one

My teacher told me about Sam Harris. Great singer, had talent and originality. But I’m not the kinda person to be wailing at songs..I also don’t have the voice or energy for that lol but theres always the ukulele version

Then again i dont know how to play the ukulele and i dont know someone who can either

I do like this version. not much difference but its still something i like.

im not so sure i can do it as soulfully and innocent or you know what i mean like she can but i can always love and look up to the original Judy Garland version!

Wish me luck!

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