As I prepare for my move to Seattle I began to wonder what I was excited and looking forward to doing while I’m there. So I decided to make a list of the things that I’m going to do once I settle into that cold rainy city up north. 

I feel like Seattle is just like San Francisco but twenty degrees colder on average and a lot more gray throughout the year. Although it isn’t as populated and spread out more than the City it still feels like that twin sibling who kinda looks like the other but is noticeably different. It’s no Tia & Tamara but more like…Fraternal Twins. I definitelyknow the first thing I’m going to do once I’m moved into my dorm. I’m going to hope into my car and drive around to get a feel of what the drivers are like and the city layout.

Seattle by Tim Knight

I kind of got a taste of the way people drive up there when I visited back in April but my dad drove the entire time so I never got to see how I would react and stuff. Another thing I’m really excited to do once I get there is go out to eat with my parents at Ivar’s, the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever been too. They know how to cook some good booty food.

I’m most excited to eat the Fried Seafood Combination. I think that every time I eat there I die a little inside…no I do the opposite. I live a little more inside therefore prolonging my life. Either way it’s like crack and needs to be eaten by every human. Another thing I’m going to do is immediately look for the best new thai restaurant to replace my addiction to Coriander’s here. I feel that it’s going to be very hard however because apparently Coriander’s is the only restaurant in the world to make sweet basil chicken and pad thai noodles like they do. But changes and adaption are going to be necessary because I love me some MSG.

After Operation: Chicken Finder is complete I’m going to move onto petitioning to the city of Seattle that a Wal-Mart must be installed in order for my life to function properly. Even though there’s one 15 minutes away (25 in traffic) I would like to point out that I’m lazy and that driving costs money therefore they logically need to bend to my needs so I am comfortable. 

After that goes down I’m not exactly sure what else I want to do. I know I’ll definitely do more segments before I leave in September with more and more plans/goals each time. I must say that I’m very excited to be moving, although I know I’ll be very sad to leave CHALK. But I will always come visit and maybe update everyone with a post here and there!

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