Degrassi: WTF?!

Teen Pregnancy, Domestic Violence, Rape, School Shootings, Fights, Theft, Injuries, Drug Addiction, Selling Drugs, LGBTQ Affairs, Protests, Cancer, STD Outbreaks, Sex, Breakups, Makeups, Adultery, Rumors, Confidence Issues, Stress Disorders, Love Triangles, Love Pentagons, Disabilities, Prostitution, Jail & Sex Tapes. 

You name it, and I’m more than sure it happened on Degrassi: The Next Generation. This show has been around since 2001 and almost everyone I know has seen at least an episode. This is the show that I’ve grown up with and love dearly because although it gave me false illusions and hopes on how high school would be like, it did teach me that these things can happen however. 

I miss the good old days of Degrassi, you know when the actual original cast was on it. Probably because those season were when I was really young and I connected with a lot of them since we were the same age as me. Season One especially connected with me because in that season Degrassi felt more innocent. There were no beatings or shootings it was just rumors, theft and the occasional fist fight. But then the doodie hit the fan in season two. This was Degrassi’s breakout season dealing with issues like Paige’s rape and Craig’s father beating him. This was definitely a lot to take in seeing that only a season previous to this nothing like that happened.

Then season 3 wanted to totally focus on self-image and finding yourself. Manny went from the cute little girl to this hot girl! Marco accepts the fact that he’s gay and has to deal being bashed for it. Craig gets Manny preggers and then acts like a total douche until he realizes he wants to be a father only for Manny to pull a fast one on him and gets an abortion. I could tell that Degrassi was just going to get more and more racket as the seasons would go on, and I was right. Over the next few seasons Rick abuses Terri then shoots up the school landing Jimmy, the only Black person in the entire city apparently for 4 seasons, in a wheelchair. Paige decides out of the blue to switch teams and date Alex, the resident bad girl, which was one of the best relationships ever on the show. New faces like Chris and Darcy appear. Manny shoots an intoxicated video with Peter showing her goodies to everyone. LIBERTY GETS FRIGGIN PREGNANT?! I was shocked at this only because she was supposed to be the smart one. The first graduation took place leaving a lot the original characters like Paige, Marco, Hazel and Craig without work however some of them stayed on for more seasons. Jimmy and Spinner were forced to repeat their senior years. Darcy the schools reigning religious goodie goodie get cyber stalked by a creeper. JT DIES?! this was a BIG WTF!! This was the first death of a major character right after Rick. I personally think Toby should have died…just because he was the least favorable.

Season 7 was when things changed drastically. A lot of old faces were disappearing with new ones taking their places. Lakehurst, Degrassi’s Rival which house the student who killed JT, merge with Degrassi mixing the kids together. Mia the baby momma got promoted to a main character, and new students like Jane, Damien and my most favorite character to ever exist in the series, Holly J. Sinclair.


She is amazing in every way. She’s like the mean girl turned somewhat friendly mean girl, she’s the new Paige. She makes the show fun to watch and makes things more interesting. However she is the only “new character” I really like. All the other new people are just revamped versions of old characters. Claire is like the new Emma but not as pretty. Ali is the new Manny but brown. That Connor kid is the new Toby therefore not important. KC is the new Sean just more awkward and less badass. The is no new Spinner because for some reason stalking your high school and working at the same place for 20 years is on his list of things to do with his life. And then there’s all these other people like Danny and Chantel which are the new Jimmy & Hazel. Judy is the only asian who happened to be in one episode despite her being a main character. Sav and Anya are like a weird Spinner & Paige in the sense that their relationship was far too lovey-dovey. Riley is the new Marco just hotter and with anger issues. Peter is just Peter but not as sleazy as before. Mia just left…Darcy just left…actually I feel like every girl who slept with Peter got their own shows on the CW, except Emma. Declan is the new Craig minus the abuse but adding money and an obvious desperation to be in a Twilight Movie. And his sister Fiona who thinks a little too highly of herself. Blue was some kid who was on like an episode or two and then died, not literally though. Johnny thinks that if a girl sends you naked pics then obviously they need to be sent throughout the school.  I feel like I’m missing someone…JENNA! She is something else. Apparently if you have a boyfriend then she wants him. A lot of things have changed over the years and sadly the Degrassi I grew up with it slowly disappearing. Now I feel like the writers of the show have run out of things to do so they’re just repeating events that happened already.

Apparently from the new promo for season 10 there’s going to be hella stuff happening! It was very cryptic but amazing! It got me excited to see this season, which is something the last 2 seasons didn’t do for me. There’s going to be new characters, including the little ginger sister from Life With Derek. A new grade 9 bad boy who I feel is going to punch a lot of things, Connor’s face being on that list. And some new girl who also steals boyfriends, as if Jenna needed competition.  I’m excited to see how things turn out this coming season and I’ll report back if it’s big. Until tomorrow, see ya.

  1. Smart girls can get pregnant too!

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