17 year old decomposes plastic

So we all know that plastic is a really big problem when it comes to being eco friendly. And i hope all use eco friendly people know that plastic is like diamonds. they last forever, but there is more plastic than diamonds and we value diamonds more over plastic. where plastic is thin and easily teared it is not that easily degradable back into the earth. But it is degradable none the less.

This 17 year old boy who is probably around junior (11th grade) year or senior year who lives in a farmsville kinda place where they recycle old car tires finds COMPLETELY new ways of recycling that energy and the tires. He apparently spent at least or more about 400 hours in his local hospital lab conducting research of bacteria that eats away at plastic. Now apparently there are very little amounts of bacteria that actually eat away at plastic, which probably expains unexpected tears, but he was able to find the right suitable environment for the bacteria to thrive and cultivate so they could eat away at the plastic even faster! The boy also said that he found some way of using the bacteria that eat the plastic to be used as electricity. something about cell energy. you can read more articles here

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