Nails, Sushi, Smoothies & The N.

So today was pretty jam pact and it happened all before 3pm. I decided  that today would be the day that me and our associate director, Andrea, wouldn’t our nails done since we hadn’t done so in about two months. My nails had gone from beautiful, to “meh”, to “okay get them done please”, to “okay no forreal…get them done”, to talon status. So getting them done at our favorite little places on Ninth and Judah. But once again I got the same little lady doing my nails, the same lady who enjoys cutting my nails so short that she cut some of my skin off. The same lady who heats the lotion for my massage 30 seconds longer than she normally does so it burns my skin when she applies it to my arm. THE SAME LADY WHO SLIGHTLY SMILES EVERY TIME SHE SEE’S ME WINCE AT THE PAIN SHE CAUSES ME! And yet i have missed her obvious schemes to kill me.

After we were all done and pampered we decided to go get something to eat at my most favorite restaurant ever, Kiki’s Japanese. If i had the choice of eating at one place for the rest of my life this would be the place…well actually I’d have to choose between Kiki’s and Olive Garden. Actually I really do enjoy Coriander above all of them…anyways we ate there which was pretty uneventful. We gossiped like we normally do and just ate which is something we do well. Except while we were eating I got a text from my sister telling me that Jamba Juice was selling smoothies for only $1. So from there we shot right across the street where we saw this…

"Caution: Dangerous Curves"


I lol’d so hard on the inside when I saw this because one, this a man…men don’t have curves. And two, the fact that this shirt even exists makes me giggle because it’s just ridiculous. Like don’t ever just wear this out and about. But I must admit that the berry smoothy i got was one of the most delicious ones i’ve ever had in my life. So as we enjoyed our smoothies and hoped on the N to head to work we thought everything would be gravy. But sadly gravy was not what we encountered or smelled, what we had goin on in the seat in front of us was…well…just not okay. We had encountered a smell that most vulgar and violent to our nostrils. Now  sadly i don’t think the man in front of us showered often. We knew this because his hair was dreading on it’s own and well I don’t we need to go any further because you don’t need to feel our pain. So we thought that maybe switching cars would solve our problem…it didn’t. We moved cars and sat literally in the same place we were in the previous car only to find another man who smelt just as bad. We accepted our misfortune and just ignored it. However moving did bring some kind of revelation, we were able to see this:

Toe Shoes, mans next best friend.

These have to be the most unique and amazing shoes i’ve ever seen. They’re so weird that i just have to love them. But the man wearing them was just as interesting as the shows on his feet…that happened to look like feet. He was sporting khaki capris, a blew stripped vintage tee, a cowboy hat and a yellow and orange scarf. His outfit had made my day and had filled my creativity quota for the day. 

In all I think today was a wonderful day, and even with some turbulence in the nostril region, having my arm flesh burned off from a missed nemesis, and eating the best japanese food in San Francisco, i can handle having more days like this in my life.

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