Lets talk cameras for a while

So ever since i got my first DSLR i always thought of it as too big. actually with most of my cameras i have a problem with it being “too big”. I think its mainly the lens but im not so sure if i want to spend money on a new lens or a new camera. lately a point and shoot has really interested me because its soo small. but the problem is that i could also use that same money to buy smaller better lens. but which is better? i cant weigh the difference. but while im looking up small point and shoots i found this cute little nikon that has AMAZING qualities.


i believe this is the nikon where ashton kutcher is pouring a glass of red wine and spills it…as much as i hate ashton kutcher advertising for camera. this camera is pretty amazing. maybe the camera isnt in the commericial but you know what i mean. its amazing. and i like it. now that is only about 300$ but for another 300 and maybe a little more i could buy a new lens thats probably smaller. who knows. all i know is that i REALLY want a 50mm lens and good ones range from 1000-1200. and really cheap ones range from 100-350. but still good if you’re lucky.


a 1600$ 50mm lens this one is a GREAT one.

this one is the cheaper one. its longest life is about a year. but if you take good care of it. maybe 2 years. who knows.

And then there’s this point and shoot camera. now im not normally a nikon person but this little bugger just blows my mind away. its everything i ever wanted and definitely beat canon’s expectations for a point and shoot too.


i really cant decide…

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