Keep Moving Forward.

So, I just graduated this past saturday and it’s my second official day of summer. This is my last High School summer and for some reason I’m not trippin over it like I thought I would be. I remember just on Friday I was so sad and in shock that four years, the best four years so far were just about to be over. I was so sure that I would miss High School and all my memories that came from it so much that it would be hard to think of moving on. But as I sat up on stage during our graduation and listened to all the speakers I knew that it would be all good. I gained closure, and with that the ability to move on and start the next phase in my life. I’m now excited to enjoy my last summer in the city, to start packing up the last eighteen years of my life, to make all the time i have left here doing things that i’ve put off. Because in just three months i’ll be on a plane to Seattle. And it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Of course there is one thing that I don’t i’ll be able to get over as the timer counts down, leaving my friends.

They’ve been with me since freshman year, some even longer than that. And although people say the friends you make in High School will only be your friends in High School i know this isn’t true for them. I’ve bonded with this “group” in ways that you can only bond with the people you keep in your life forever. They’re the only people the understand my humor and mimic it back. We can act stupid around each other and in public, and not be embarrassed by it. Sure these are the things most people list on their “things me & my best friends do” list but I doubt that on that list you have;

  • Having dance parties to “Barbie Girl” in whole foods.
  • Making noises that can only be described as demonicfunnyhighpichedspecial noises.
  • Obsessing over which celebrities are your boyfriends, husbands or finances.
  • Walking around singing “Party In The USA” at 1am in the morning.
  • Jumping around in Japan Town while yelling at by-passers.
  • Having tea parties and having the accents to go with it.

There’s a lot more that I would love to list but shouldn’t to keep this child friendly. In all there are so many things that we do that i know I’ll never be able to do without them so moving is defiantly going to make things suck. I know it should be exciting to starting a new life somewhere but leaving my friends to do it doesn’t seem all that worth it. However I know we’ll be able to keep up our friendships while were away from each other because we’re just that close. I don’t know what it’ll be like when i cant simply catch the bus to their houses or just send them a text telling them to meet me up somewhere. It’ll be weird having to make new friends who wont match up to their level of awesome, but that’s life. We keep moving forward.

“We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney

So I guess moving is just opening a new door, so lets hope it’s too a pretty cool room.

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