F**** I need more clothes mann!!! LIke I need this sweater dress.His clothes are so adorable and cute and cartoony, but they don’t look tacky at all. If anyone else did something like this, ahem(Hot Topic) it would be the most ugly racket hing. But this designer can make anything cute and make you feel stylish. :D

I’ve been on so many fashion websites that are on sale, and clearance websites such as yoox and shopfatal, but the clothes that I really really want are still sooooooooooo espensive even after the 30% ;) saddddd

So… I basically have been squandering and collecting clothes, obtaining cute stuff, and planning out my wardrobe for the new season. I start school in the fall and shoot, I finally will be able to dress the way i want to without feeling held back. I mean I am scared, COLLEGE GUYS!! :O But who knows, maybe they won’t be dicks. I doubt there’ll be any cute queer boys there but whateverrrrrrrrrr, I’ll still look hella cute.

I still want more stuff but a lot of them I won’t be able to afford :'( I dieeeee

These shoes aree soo DAMN HOTTTTTTTTTTT, It’s like bondage, I’ll kick your ass if you touch me with your nasty fingers.

OMMMMGGGGGGG I NEED THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like OMG I swear I’m scared I’m going to be bankrupt by the time I’m 21.:0 But whateverr, I’d rather have clothes than I bed I always say. I mean i don’t think I have a problem. Yess, I like to spend money, a lot but I’m not addicted and has to buy soemthign new every single day, that’s jsut a hot mess. :( I watched that True Life epiosode about the compulsive shoppers and how it riuned thier lives. But the funny thing was, they all bought ugly , cheap shit. I mean almost everything was like from Forever 21 or like GAG labels. If you’re going to be speding your money everyday, make them at least cute. Like it was sooo upsettingto see good money being spent on ugly sweatshop clothing that will rip in two washes.

i hope this school year, or college at the most, will be good for me and I really hope that I will have a good time like most people say that you would . OHHH SIGHHH, it’s hard being materialistic

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