Home Sweet Home

I’m now home in San Francisco, where the air is fresh and the water is from the mountains and where the people are just normal. I guess you can say that San Francisco is where I grew up with all the surroundings that make me who I am today. I’m actually HELLA glad that I’m home, for one I love the weather and for two I love how the people are hella REAL. I know there are fakers and people who overexaggerate to things, but I dislike people that bring drama and more drama to my world. That is why you guys have white hairs. Fools are fools and I dislike it.

So I have found out recently that I really can’t be as gulliable as I am and to not listen to those around me but to listen to myself and Daniel. I will never again bad mouth my best friend in the whole world. That is always patient, kind, friendly and understanding. The person who believed in me. The person who believes I have potential and the person who never judged. I love you moose.

So yea, I get it. I haven’t been growing up but rather defend in my progression. I am mature and smart but I need more with my professional and emotional way of thinking. Arg, does that make sense? After my emotional talk with my boyfriend, I understand how he thinks, why he does things and how he thinks and just he basics of everything he does for me. One way or another I have learned a lot and I want to grow up. I want to be grown for myself and my future. I don’t know what I can do to thank him. I’m planning my master plan ;3


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