So the weather has been absolutely beautiful the past two days and I’ shocked because I’ve always hated the sun since I was a lad. I mean I still hate the sun because I might get a tan which I absoultely hate. But I’ve been very tolerant of the “hotness” which surprisingly I didn’t act like an asshole. This summer has also been making my sleep patterns really weird. I sleep really late, wake up early, and the heat sometimes preven me from sleeping at all like last night for example. I went to bed at 1:30 and I woke up at 4:00  :O CRAZYYYYYYYY. So  i just watched The Mummy and it kind of helped because around 6 I fell asleep for 3 hours which was nice. :)

OHHH WOOWW, I’m actually enjoying the summertime this year, :D

Another thing thats been keeping me from sleeping is me thinking about college. I am very excited to not know anyone but it’s scary. I feel like I will end up being one of those freshman that I hated when I was a senior but whtever, I’m planning my outfit for the first day of school and OMGG i’m going to be a showstopper ahahhaahahahh, FASHION!!!!!

But as usual, I tend to eoverthink everything and I have the need to make sure I look perfect. The right accesorries, the correct color of nail polish, etc, EXHASUTINGGGG!!! ahhaaha, virgos are perfectionists. :D I just can’t wait to meet someone new, IDk, I need to get over certain things and I can do that by getting on other things but I still haev to wait a few months but I’m hoping I will have a good time there and we’ll see if college is really the best years of my life. :O

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