So I have been obsessing over my computer for the past three days googling pictures of Mary Kate Olsen, not only because she is f******* gorgeous but because she has an ammhhhhaaaaaazzzzhinnngggg style like OMGGG I seriously would go straight for her. She has the best leather jackets and works all those heels that everyone thinks are ugly. PooPoo on boring losers who shop at American Eagle or Whatevverrrr, people look at designer things as really ugly when in fact, your sweatshop rags aren’t that cute either.

Like seriously she is sooooo adorable and she has on of the luckiest lifestyles ever. I mean working since she was a baby and stops when shes 17??? and like shops ALLL THE TIME!!! It’s like she retired and just appears at events and gets paid for it, LIKE OMG!! Why can’t I be that too ahahhahaahha. I mean who cares if shes only like 5 feet tall, it makes her even more adorable!!!!

I think it’s soooo adorable that mary-kate and ashley are geminis, I think that’s funny. hahaha twins in twins!!!! aaww But I think it explains a lot. Because geminis are bold people who have balls to do a lot of shit. It’s really annoying when boring losers who think that everything they wear are wierd or impractical or ugly. NO, it’s caled style, which I know a lot of people don’t really know about. Like seriously, people get shocked too easily amd they need to stop being ostriches in the ground and know that they’re a lot of different things in the world that should be appreciated not looke ddown upon.


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