Errr, I’m home alone in the apartment. I’m honestly scared to death right now because for one I’m super superstitious about everything especially about ghosts and other paranormal activity things that happens throughout the world. I’m also really really cautious about everything, like I need someone living and breathing  next to me to just state to my mind that I’m not alone. Having a dog makes me feel at ease too.

So the reason for my loneliless is because my boyfriend is like gone. He went to an overnight frat stuff and honestly I dislike it all. I feel like it’s taking away his money and at the same time taking my precious time with him. I want to spend my entire life with him and just want to snuggle cuddle with him. forever and ever. But yea, I also got kinda ditched by my other friends. Errr they are sleeping x] plus everyone else went home already. AND I dislike this other boy in the other room. >_>” HALP? D:

~scruffy cant sleep, but I’ll just act like daniel is here with me.

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