Surrounded by horses

I’m 63, and I still think I have yet to do my best work. [Robert Mappelthorpe] had so many ideas. We talked at length about the things he wanted to do. I also know that I was the only one who could write this story. I’m the only one who knew him so intimately. And he also knew me. He knew I would serve him well. Robert and I both loved the magic of things. And of all the things that have been written about him, I never found one that maintained the magic of our relationship or our creative process—and our real struggles, which were very youthful struggles. Whenever I read the biography of a young artist—say, Rimbaud—the biographer sits in such judgment of the young person. They talk about how Rimbaud did all these terrible things, like walking around smoking a pipe upside-down or wearing ragged clothes. He was a teenager! How can a biographer sit in judgment of a teenager? That’s how they dress. Those are the pure years when you’re discovering yourself, when you’re trying things out, when you have the arrogance of adolescence. This is a beautiful time, and it has to be judged in accordance with that. You know, I still remember what it tastes like to be 11, 17, 27. I wanted—if I could—to capture that without irony or sarcasm.
–Patti Smith, via Interview Magazine

I really love Patti Smith.. everything about her. Her style, her poems, her voice, her writing, her music, her face, her art, what I know of her philosophy.. she is intensely inspiring and so very beautiful. I love everything she has to say.

V xx

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