Camping Out.

You know I was really looking forward to the many many different adventures of camping with my family. Like actual camping in the woods, kinda in the middle of no where and WITH lots of MEAT in our coolers. AHHH, I miss that.

So when I was in Riverside I had camp-outs in the library and apparently it is normal for people well at least my boyfriend thinks so.  He’s so funny and interesting when it comes to stuff like this. For one he hasnt really gone camping before, he has only been camping once. I for the other hand has had many memories and fond exciting adventures of camping/hiking with my family and fellow friends. I never really expected to have ribs, rice, chinese sasuage, salty eggs in a library. Errr it was awkward because the majority of the people there were white so they looked at me pretty funny because I was like a bear hibernating in my “cave”.

This day is his last final, I get to sleep in a big bed with my hubby and moose next to me<3 I hope I can finally get some more sleep, at least enjoyable.


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