Gateway To College Transfer.

Today is my interview at the Riverside Community College for Gateway to College. I’m in the process of transferring and I met with them sometime last week and it was okay since it was a pre-interview and just basic questions about “is gateway really for you”. Because Gateway to college is a charter school which you can earn both high school credit and college units. You can get insurance*inside happiness*.

During this interview, I was feeling nervous and really scared. It might be because they are both American Men. They asked me the simple questions about myself and the history about my past and what would I do in different situations. It’s basic question and answers. Then at the end, they ask me a question that I cant really answer. It’s troublesome to know that they think I’m highly qualified for the school but at the same time they dont really trust me and my judgement. GEEZ.

Now I have to find a job and I have to get proper housing to be considered fully administered


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