Fossilized Human Missing Link

Scientists have apparently found the mammal that connects us to all other mammal in the world like cows, elephants, anteaters, and I’m guessing other mammals with long tails on all fours with the possibilities of sometimes standing. The fossils name is Ida named after a scientists daughter going through the same maturing stages as the fossil when it died.

Scientists have been studying the fossil in secret for the past 2 years and claim that this fossil is nearly perfect in preservation. at least 95% of it is preserved where you can see the hairs on the fossil and the last meal of the mammal which was a vegetarian diet.

This is truly a break through in science but for whatever the reason they kept it hidden for 20 years is pretty stupid to me. Well whatever, you can read the full article at the link  (you can listen to this audio about the article if you wish)

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