I’ve been really obsessed with pics of celebrities lately. LIke 2007 obsessed ahahah. like I google shiton the internet for like 4 hours a day looking up girls without thier makeup like Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham. :) IDk it’s been really addicting to me . Especially when I look at thier street style. Like Mary-KAte Olsen. I don’t care if she’s really short. she’s so beautiful and she wears the greatest stuff that makes me cry ahaaah wahhhhhhhh :( Anywhoooo, looking at theier balenciaga bags, drinking starbucks, and playing with thier phones, the image of lust and materialism really gets my attention. Of course, it is me. :D

I really wish I was rich and in LA. I really don’t like LA especially from all the things that I’ve heard from people but just imagning myself shopping there would be absolutely amazingggggg. :D like the thought of goin gto all the stores, all the expensive clothes, and gorgeous jewelry. I’m such a material boy and crap, I need things, a lot of thingsssss.

Anyways my addiction of celebs lately have been really funny but I think it’s slowing down. I mean, i havent done anything for three days and I guess it was the onlt way I could entertain my slef :) I just can’t blieve that i’m not part of that world. IDK i wish I was rich, everyone does LOVEEE

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