PERPLEXED and HAve nothing to do

So today is the first day I’ve been out in public in like 3 days and I feel crazyy. I felt like  a person who was taken from society for a short period haahaah, house arrest. BUt damn I’ve been having such a bad headache and I thought that getting freash air would help but UGHHH, I feel not tired, but IDK my head hurts. I probably should sleep earlier but my sleep pattern is so weird. I sleep really late and I wake up really early. :( I don’t know why, I’ve been like that since I was little.

I can’t believe it was just a week ago that it was my senior prom. I’m actually really glad I went. a lot of people looked gorgeous which made me wonder, “why don’t they dress up liek this more often?” IDK. Anywhooo, it’s wierd to me that times feels like it’s going fast, but in reality it’s soooo slowww. I felt like such a bum though the week after. I just wanted to do nothing and plop down on the sofa watching random movies but I liked htem, I enjoyed them while eating different kinds of food every hour.

I was just soooo bored. i wanted to go shopping really badly but I didn’t want o spend any money. And the funny thing is, I just bought shoes too, they’re coming in hte mail on friday hopefully, so I can finnaly be the height that I was supposed to be. 6’2” 1/2!!! OH SIGHHHHHHHH!! :D such length I’ll have.

Another thing, I feel like I’m in arrested development or something. I feel like summer is such a blah moment because I’m out of high school and I’m going to college, and yet I don’t know why it hasn’t sunk in yet. IDk why i feel like I have another year of high school left. Time is really weird to me right now because I don’t even know what’s going on most of the time. But speaking of summer, the weather is soo disgusting :( It’s foggy and the sky is white as vanilla, but it’ s soo humid and gross it ticks me off. I feel like “where the hell am I?”

I just hope that this summer, all my plans that I look forward to go through and that something really intersting will happen because I’m going to college and idk, it would be nice to have intersting events happen but I’ll just have to hope for the best.

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