Part 2

I can’t believe its finally summer and I don’t feel like doing anything. I feel like a lazy bum that doesnt want to do anything and i just feel blah :p It’s either a lot of people are busy, or I don’t want to spend any money even though I just bought shoes online :O I can’t believe Rue McClanahan aka Blanche from The Golden Girls passed away last thursday :'(  Pride is this month but for some reason I really don’t care, IDK I don’t really feel anything lately. Pride is usually just boring and always hella hot so I’d rather just go to pink party because that shit was soooo good last year. It was warm even at night and everyone was all dressed up, I loveeeeddddd it :D It made me want to go to AA and get shiny skirts and dresses or something but I knew I would get over them in like 2 weeks. ahaahaha

I think I’m just in a rut cuz I really want my surgery. I don’t know, I’ve been feeling some arrested development as well. I still feel like I have another year of high school but I know I’m going to college, AHHHHHHH I feel so confusedd!!! I mean at last I can get away from really ugly people who aren’t cool, not cool at all.

OMG OMG I think anyone who likes eye candy ;) should go to this tumblr, like I mean you will dieeee!!!!

A whole tumblr dedicated to male models mmmmmmmmmmmmm :D It’s a shame though. You would think that like almost all of them are gay but no, thats a myth :( a lot of them are actually straight which is justt sooooo dissapointing. But there is hope, some of them could may be “heteroflexible” ;) But my goddd, male models really make me feel like shit sometimes, okay most of the time but it’s hard to back away from something sooo beautifulllllllll. haahaahah well I did get new boots and they’re 5 1/2 inches will make me 6’2” 1/2 which I’m really really super duper exited about!!!!!!! MALE MODEL HEIGHT TEASE!!!!!!

But you know, makeup and photoshop go a really long way so it’s okay because I know that most of those boys don’t look perfect every single minute of their life. BUT FOR MEE, I find it excruciatingly painfully to try to pry away from those gorgeous, sharp cheekbones, severe jawlines, pale, alabaster skin, siiiigggggghhhhhhhhh

Fashion is such a strange world, but it’s my utopiaaaaaaa

Love, Kelvin






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