So high school is finally over and I honestly dont feel anything. yeah I’ll miss some people but idk why I really don’t care :) I just want to have my surgery already but it seems to just be kept pushing back to the 16th. I just want the surgerry as soon as possible so I can recover faster and just be gorgeous!!! I have my clothes, just bought 5 and half inch boots and all I need to do after my surgery is get my hair professionally done and my eyesbrows waxed because after two weeks of staying in bed not doing anything, I’m going ot look like  a hurt ass mess. I just want late august to come so that means that I’ll be ready. By the time I’m 18 I’ll be happier and I’ll be like 6′ 2” with my new boots. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (male model) ahaaahaahha. Ummmm…. anywhooo, I ‘ve been such a bum in the summer so far, Ive been staying home and watching bad and good mvies, uhhh idk whatever entertains me I guess.

I’ve been really obsessed wiith the male model tumblr like F$$%$%$^$##^ my eyes have cavities from all the eye candy!!! :O droooooooolllllllllll. Whateeverrrrrrrrrrr. I still love my pale ,skinny, emaciated creatures. SO WAIFLIKE :)

Ive also had a hard time finding clothes for me recently. Its find to hard really cute leather jackets and really cute tops for not that  much money because I’m telling younow, If I had the money, I would have my rodarte and balenciaga heels by now :( I mean Ive been loving this vintage store on Valencia called “Clothes Contact” mostly because they have great clothes from the 60s to the 80s but also because I get really really good discounts ;) ahahahahah

OMG there have been so many stupid commercials and previews like ILLLL, “marmaduke” so dumbbbbb.

But yeah I’ve been so bored lately like, idk what to do anymore w/o spending any more money :(  I mean if I had a… i would not be so bored, there are some things that you just can’t buyhahahaa anywhoo BRB loversssss <3 XOXO

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