My first post.

So, this is the first time I’ve posted to the blog since our switch from Tumblr to here. But I must say that I like our new home. I feel like wordpress brings about a sense of professionalism and legitimacy. Probably because it reminds me of a newspaper and I mean, what isn’t legitimate about a published article in a newspaper. It’ll take me some time to get used to the way things work here but I’m sure that after a few posts i’ll understand how to format my posts, add pictures and videos in the way that I want to. I do like the word count feature and the fact that  I can add/insert anything I really want to which is something I wasn’t able to do before. I either made a video post, a text post or a picture post no cross referencing. Although thanks to the wonders of HTML I found my loop holes. 

Even though I haven’t fully explores all that there is to wordpress I do enjoy what I have. Like, it’s easier to tag my posts and add categories and the publishing options are quite amazing. However figuring out how to publish my posts to facebook is something I’m working on as we speak. I set it up and notified the team however now that I’m actually posting I don’t see the “publicize” option but I’m sure we can figure it out. Soon after that I’ll work on seeing how I can make my posts pretty which is something I think I can do here. OMG I just found the fullscreen mode. This is amazing, I feel like I’m in word but like a prettier version of it. Also I just found out that I can add polls to my posts which I feel is at this moment…hold on.  

So I think it worked? I can’t tell because all that happened was this url popped into my post. We’ll find out though.

But yes. I’m excited for this new blog and I know that I’ll have some real fun with it and all the possibilities that it will hold. I’ll be posting about my last week of school in the coming days. Also i’ll have numerous posts about my last summer with my friends before we head our separate ways, getting ready to move 800 miles away and the sad reality of leaving CHALK :( But if you followed the tumblr blog then you’ll know i’ll be adding in posts about drag queens, canada, why I love certain things or places, what I want to do before I die and most importantly things that make me happy…like superheroes :). Alright until then, I’m out.


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