Prom & Finishing up school

This is my friend Aya and I hanging out in the lockers at school, freshman year.

Wow, I really haven’t posted in a while. So much has happened in the past week and I’ve been so busy!
It’s crazy that I’ve waited such a long time for tomorrow, my high school graduation. After all the work, stress, fear, boredom, indifference, annoyance, it’s finally here.. on the flipside, I’ve met really cool people, learned, became a better artist, and I like to believe also a better person.

I’ve really changed so much over the past four years. Some things about me are the same, but I know myself much more now and I’m just constantly learning. I’m so glad that high school is over. Let’s not look back on it right now.

I will write about my prom though, which was on Sunday. I had tons of fun, even if most of the music was by musicians who are men, singing or rapping about how hot they find certain women. -.- Also, the DJ only played one Lady Gaga song, and it was Lovegame, which is a weird song to choose if you’re only going to play ONE song by her. Anyways, it was held at Westin St. Francis in Union Square, on the highest floor, really nice view. My prom date was my friend Mark, lol. Gayest thing ever, a queer girl and a gay boy together, I love it. Upon entering, I freaked out over the chocolate-covered strawberries. Mark even took a picture of me freaking out about them, but he didn’t upload his photos yet. I thought prom was really beautiful and fun, but the coat check was a disaster and almost caused me to have an anxiety attack – I seriously thought my bag was stolen, along with my shoes and phone inside, but thankfully they were safe.. I just had to wait about 25 mins for it in a really crowded space. Overall, prom was a lot of fun. I felt like I was at peace with everyone, not that I have any real problems with folks at my school, but I’m indifferent or annoyed by some of them. It was fun to just be able to enjoy myself. Afterwards, Mark, my friend Gaby and I had a lot of fun singing Lady Gaga songs through downtown, watching Golden Girls, eating cake, and dancing to more Lady Gaga. The next morning, we got brunch at the Nordstrom cafe and it felt AMAZING to eat a meal because I barely ate the day before.

And I haven’t had a decent night of sleep since.

Here are some photos from prom!

So, I put this one first because it’s a photo of me and Aya, the same friend who is in the photo at the top of this entry. It’s safe to say that we’ve changed a lot.

My lovely date, Mark, and I :D Love it! WERQ!

Here’s a photo of my full outfit.
Sequined panda top set Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Skirt H&M. Purse Balenciaga. Tights Wolford. Heels Balenciaga.

Me and a certain diva named Beyonce.

She made/customized her whole outfit herself, which is pretty amazing. She also made her beautiful headpiece.

The wonderful Kevin and I <3

Celebratory treats :3

Yum. Oh yes, the GOLDEN GIRLS!!

Thanks for reading <3

V xx

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