new look, new attitude, new life.

So I’m spending approximately 14 more days in this socal kinda thang. And I have fun-ish by making my way in things like buying miscellaneous stuff for my new room with my fatso. I’m getting ready for the doggie and I to be there with the whole new house. It still needs some work but I love it. I can see scruffy now, waiting for me to come home. AHHH, its like paradise.

Oh the bright side of things, I’m carefully planning my ways of everything and choosing when to act. I’m totally SLY. HAHAH, I’m going to make her life a living h-e double hocky stick. So I’m just texting my friend that lives with her and were in the middle of everything.

I havent done anything productive and the time that I was here so far has been a BLUR and at the same time it has been really really dull. I remember during my spring break we went out everyday and like I was dead tired plus drama. I really love drama even though I hate the fact that I have some in life. But that would make everything BLAH. So I told Gary that I was planning on living in the house with them. So everything has yet to come about.

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